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We created RESCREW in two days at Nordic Game Jam 2016

Nordic Game Jam is the biggest video game industry event in Denmark and one of the largest game jams in the whole world. We thought it is both a great team building exercise for our studio and at the same time a great chance to (re)visit beautiful Denmark and to (re)meet some awesome people.

So we were there and created a full game (with intro, tutorial, funny animations and audio!) in less than two day. And we are really proud about what we achieved in that short amount of time. Between discussing the idea and submitting the game on less than 48 hours passed.

RESCREW Screen 1
The inspiration for the game came from a very funny party game called “Werewolfs” we love playing with friends. The core gameplay is simple – two guys in the group are werewolfs, but noone know who that is! And the others have to work together to identify them, because each night the werewolves will choose someone to be killed. And at daytime the others must choose someone to hang.
The other source of inspiration is Battlestar Galactica (TV Show + Board Game) where a part of crew members are cylons who wants to sabotage the ship.

So this game is a round-based strategy game and in this initial jam version we implemented a singleplayer mode only. We really believe the idea works out so we’ll be spending time to shape it up and balance it out and hopefully soon release it on multiple platforms. We’d really love to know what you think! Remember – this is a game created in less than 48 hours with little sleep!

Download Link on (WIN + MAC)