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Why we chose SonicPicnic to craft audio for Typoman

At some point we have sent out a video file with no audio to various sound composers that we had met during gamescom and other conventions. We asked them to set sound and music as they see fit and deliver to us if they would like to do the audio for Typoman.

Among them Netherland based SonicPicnic. I’ve had the pleasure to meet Yorick at gamescom 2014 who was amazed by the game’s concept and aesthetics. Later he emailed me a link to a soundtrack that they had made earlier and which I believe would have been a great fit for Typoman too.

SonicPicnic Studio

Yorick Goldewijk:

The team from Brainseed were very well aware of what they were looking for audiowise, but there wasn’t much discussion or explanation needed – it kind of ‘worked’ from beginning to end, as if we all knew exactly what Typoman should become. In terms of creativity and collaboration it was a fantastic project to work on.

The audio sample they delivered simply swept us off our feet! See (and hear) for yourself why – best with headset:

We were especially interested in how a DOOM monster would sound like? We didn’t know …until they gave it its amazing scream. And since their studio is only a 2-3 hours drive away from our office I wanted to see for myself how they work and meet them in person.

Every sound they made is handcrafted and well-fitting, their equipment is professional, and there was never a reason to complain, although they delivered hundreds of sound effects and many music tracks for a great soundtrack.

I was sold when I saw how they created the DOOM scream and that it was composed of several carefully crafted sound effects and layers. Check them out yourself here:

And finally – here is their amazing soundtrack which you can buy on bandcamp: